ReOrganics™ was established from a unique recycling program that utilizes vermiculture to recycle vegetable waste into high quality organic compost and soil additives. Using worms throughout the foodcycling process enables ReOrganics to reduce produce waste while offering red wriggler earthworms, worm castings, and vermicompost to farmers and horticulturists. ReOrganics is owned and operated by Foster-Caviness Foodservice, Inc., a produce distributor with handling facilities throughout North Carolina and South Carolina.
Vermiculture is the process of using earthworms to speed up composting, but there are many more benefits to vermicompost. See what makes ReOrganics better than traditional composting, and better than other vermicompost here.
Worm farming is not only fun for kids, it also teaches how living organisms work together in our environment. Click here to learn more…
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See the ReOrganics difference. Buy vegetable fed red wigglers, worm castings, and worm compost here.
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